Kate | Raleigh, NC

“Love people, use things. Never confuse the two.”

I’m an aspiring engineer who first moved south for school, picking up a love for plants & people along the way.

I started this blog as part of a 2017 resolution to be more mindful of my consumption habits by limiting the purchase of new items and making meaningful, intentional purchases.  The specifics of my personal challenge can be found here, as well as how it all turned out.

In an era where overconsumption & environmental degradation are increasingly front and center, if we want to make a difference we can all talk the talk, but we need to walk the walk. I’ve created the blog to join the ranks of those who are starting with their own little space to change the way they think about what they consume. I intend to learn from those who have taken the plunge and perhaps impart some new knowledge as I go.

Questions or comments? Contact me.